Startak is a small town in Eilimint Goddess.


Startak is first shown as the hometown of Granny and all her kids. Each and every child was raised at this small village for the vast majority of their lives.

At the beginning of the story, a large, ominous, poisonous cloud approaches Startak. When the gasses from the cloud begin to enter homes, it starts to suffocate the people who run out gasping for air. Once the gas begin to settle, it reacts with the wooden structures and causes them to break out into fire. This ultimately destroyes Startak. Nearly all residents were safely evacuated and are now living in Sellage while waiting for Startak's reconstruction.


Granny's House

The place where all of Granny's kids grew up. It is located near the eastern exit of town.

Startak Inn

A small inn that can host a few travelers at a time. It is located more toward the western exit. When the town caught fire, part of the inn trapped Hera who was save by Yami and Kori

Connecting Routes

There are two total exits, one to the east and one to the west, in Startak. Both lead to more branching routes.


Startak is a very small town and cannot possibly host more than 40 people total. Notable residents include GrannyYamiKoriLucyGamu, and the third generation.


  • Startak's name comes from the words "star" and possibly an abbreviation of "attack."