Sellage is a fairly large port town north of Startak in Eilimint Goddess.


Sellage is first shown when YamiHera, and Kori arrive after fleeing from the fire in Startak. The group splits up with Yami and Kori going to look for Granny and Hera going to the welcoming center to pick up her level badge

This city is a port town that imports, exports, and transports people and goods across the rest of the world. 


Granny's Apartment

This is an old apartment with a lot of cobwebs that is constantly rented out by Granny in case anything were to happen to Startak. When Startak caught fire, Granny instructed the second generation kids to make their way to Sellage. When all of them got there, she anounced that they were to be dismissed and then gave each of them a parting gift. It is located in the northern community part of Sellage.

Welcoming Center

This old building is a popular place for meetings and rendezvous. Hera came here to receive her level badge from one of the masters for completing her unknown task. It is located near the eastern exit of Sellage.


The harbor is a place for all sorts of boats to unload and load people and goods to transport or arrive from or to sellage. It is located to the north-west of the city.

Connecting Routes

There are multiple exits out of Sellage including one to the south east, one to the south west, the harbor, and possibly one to the north.


Sellage is a fairly large and busy town. The population could be well over 1000. Currently, Granny and her third generation reside here as they wait for Startak to be rebuilt.


  • Sellage's name comes from the misspelling of "sail" to "sell" and part of "voyage." Sell could also represent the city's constant importing and exporting.