This is the second goup of kids to be raised by Granny. These children were raised in Startak and were just recently dismissed at the beginning of the story. The were seen off by Granny and the third generation from Sellage after Startak was destroyed. Every member of this group loves one another as family AND friend.



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Kori is skilled at wielding the javelin and using ice magic. He was given a new, special javelin by Granny after being dismissed .


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Yami has retractable claws that he can use to absorb surrounding energy and attack with. He was given a crossbow by Granny after being dismissed.


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Lucy was seen helping the villagers escape from Startak after the fire started. She was given a pewter staff by Granny after being dismissed.


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Gamu was also seen helping the citizens of Startak escape the fire. He was given an aim enhancing lens by Granny after being dismissed. 


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Itazura was revealed to be Kori's brother. However, he ran away from Startak many years ago.