This is a type of offensive and defensive battle strategy utilized mainly by poisoners.

Notable Users


Hera is a level 6 poisoness who specializes in using concoctions for attacking and trickery.


Montigove is a group member of the poisoner group. While he has yet to be seen, it can be assumed that his skill with poisons is great.

Notable Attacks

Pyramid Poison

This is an attack used by Hera while she was battling Execk. To do it, Hera threw three pellets containing poison around Execk to create the pyramid's base. She then threw an open vile of an acidic and deadly potion over Execk whose contents leaked down the sides of the now visible pyramid. The open vile potion must have used some sort of sorcery as Execk could break out of it with her wings with sorcery dis-spelling capabilities.