Official art to be added soon.
Birthday September 14
Age Unknown
Relatives Ex-Fiancee
Hometown Unknown
Astrological Sign Virgo

Montigove is a character from Eilimint Goddess.

Personality and Relationships

Montigove is a cunning and mischevious poisoner. He has a strong grudge and hatred towards Hera for what she did to him. He apparently has a fiancee but the engagement was broken off. He also has three lackies, LegisJudie, and Execk, that he presumably threatens.


Official art to be added soon.


Montigove is a level 9 group member, who one day invited Hera, an up-and-coming poisoness, to a dinner party. That night she slipped a truth potion into his drink resulting in multiple life downfalls including his engagement being called off. Since then, he has an immeasurable grudge against Hera for getting the best of him. He even goes so far as to send his lackies, LegisJudie, and Execk, to find her and exact his revenge for him. However, during their and Hera's frst encounter, Hera up and left the group in the middle of the night before they could execute their plan.

After their failure, Montigove sends them out again to follow and ambush Hera. However, their plan is ruined by Kori discovering them. Once again, they fail making Montigove much more angry than before.

Weapons and Abilities

Montigove is a highly ranked poisoner so it can be heavily assumed that he is very skilled in wielding poisons


  • Montigove's name comes from the nominal prefix, "monti," and the abbreviation for government.