Legis is a character from Eilimint Goddess.

Relationships and Personality

Legis is the self-proclaimed leader of Judie and Execk. However, his commands are constantly being dwarfed and overruled by Execk making Legis have resentment towards her. Legis also views Judie as stupid and moronic as shown when Judie fell out of the tree. Legis also has some sort of fear/respect relationship with his boss, Montigove.


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Legis is first sent out on his mission with Execk and Judie by Montigove to find Hera and exact revenge on her. After finding Hera, Legis and his group join her on her trip to Startak. However, the night before they were to fulfill Montigove's orders, Hera left the group and went to Startak on her own resulting in their failure. 

Once Montigove found out about this, he ordered them to follow Hera and ambush her. However, this plan also did not succeed as Kori scouted them out and made Judie fall out of a tree (which made Legis face-palm). After their revelation, Legis and Judie decided to fight Kori while Execk took Hera. Legis attempted to attack Kori after Judie was knocked out, but fell for Kori's Ice Spread which made him trip and fall. After Legis was thrown into a tree, Execk ordered that they retreat.

Weapons and Abilities

Legis is not shown using any special tactics or attacks. He is merely shown throwing a punch at Kori which failed to reach him.


  • Legis's name comes from one of the United States branches of government, the Legislative Branch.