Birthday July 1
Age 17
Relatives Kori - brother

Granny - ex-guardian

Hometown Startak
Astrological Sign Cancer

Itazura is a character from Eilimint Goddess.

Personality and Relationships

Not much is known about Itazura much less his personality. His brother is Kori and the two were apparently taken in at the same time by Granny. It is said by Kori that he and Granny did not get along well.


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Much like the rest of Granny's kids, Itazura was taken in with the rest of his generation. However, because he did get along well with Granny, he ran away from Startak. A few years later, Granny sent Yami on and unknown mission that Kori believes was to find Itazura.


  • Itazura's name comes from the Japanese word for "prank."

Second Generation
Kori | Yami | Lucy | Gamu | Itazura