This is a type of magic that freezes the surrounding water vapor at the user's will.

Notable Users


Kori specializes in Ice magic. It is even said this type of sorcery runs in his blood. This may be why Yami's claws absorbed ice energy as Kori was nearby.

Notable Attacks

Ice See

Ice See is a special move used by Kori that enables him to become one with the ice or cold air around him. This helped him spot LegisJudie, and Execk. who were following him and Hera.

Ice Spike

Ice Spike is a rather harmful move used by Kori which causes large spikes of ice to shoot out of the ground and attack his enemy. He used this attack against Judie to send him right into a tree.

Ice Spread

Ice Spread is a special move used by Kori which enables him to transform the surrounding ground into very slippery ice similar to an ice-skating rink.


  • All of Kori's ice magic names have "Ice" and a word beginning with "S."