Granny is a character in Eilimint Goddess.

Personality & Relationships

Granny is an elderly and caring lady who takes in kids from the same age group and raises them as if they were her own. She has had three generations of kids so far and loves each and every one of them like children. Her generations include: the first generation who were dismissed a long time ago, the second generation who was dismissed at the beginning of the story, and the third generation who is still very young. According to Kori, she did not get along well with his brother, Itazura.


Official art to be created soon.


Granny first appears calling Yami and Kori away from their sparring match. After the poisonous cloud hits Startak, she, Yami, Kori, Lucy, and Gamu burst out of the house to the eastern exit of Startak. There, she orders the four to go out and rescue the rest of the villagers. After rescuing nearly all of them, she notices that Yami is not with them. She tries to stop Kori from going after Yami but it was too late. She then hesitantly leads the rest of the townspeople along the eastern route to Sellage

Upon arriving in Sellage, she finds her old refuge apartment and has Lucy, Gamu, and the younger kids stay there. Once Yami and Kori arrive, she moves them all upstairs and tells the second generation that the time has come for them to be dismissed putting each of them in shock. After that, a knock sounds at the door from one of the younger kids saying that there is a package for her. She brings the package upstairs and opens it to reveal special weapons: a javelin for Kori, a cross bow for Yami, a pewter staff for Lucy, and an aim enhancing lens for Gamu. With that, the second generation says their final good-byes and heads off on their new lives.