The Gate of Den is, fittingly, the gate surrounding the entire region of Den thus blocking it off from the neighboring regions of Yuki and Suna.

Gate System

Acquiring a pass to get through the gate is required albeit expensive. Guards outside the gate will ask for a pass of any travelers looking to get through. If a pass is presented, the guard will signal for the gate to be opened.

People who may be looking to go over the gate, which is at least 30 feet, will be met with an electrical force field that encompasses the entire City of Den in a dome.

Thugs without enough money typically take a tunnel system dug beneath the gate that goes all the way underneath Den to Suna. Many illegal deals and trades have been known to occur in these tunnels making it a dangerous spot for normal travellers.


Kori and Hera, wanting to pass through the gate, encountered an old guard being attacked by thugs looking to get into Den free of charge. However, the guard still refused to open the gate. Kori and Hera ultimately defeated the attackers and asked about getting through only to find out that they did not have enough money to afford a pass. After leaving that entrance to chase the goons, the two meet Deamp who offered to take them over the gate using his ability to neautralize electric forces for a far less exspensive price. However, Kori and Hera decline instead asking for directions on where the attackers went.