Official art to be added soon
Birthday March 31
Age 17
Relatives Granny - guardian

Kori, Yami, and Lucy - adoptive siblings

Hometown Startak
Astrological Sign Aries

One of the characters in Eilimint Goddess.

Personality & Relationships

Gamu is shown to be a strong and silent type. He is best friends with YamiKori, and Lucy. They were raised together for most if not all of their lives. This makes them seem like siblings as well. Gamu, along with the rest of the second generation, was raised by Granny. Naturally, this makes Granny a parental figure to Gamu.


Official art to be created soon.


Gamu was first seen bursting from the poison filled house with GrannyYamiKori, and Lucy. After going to the eastern exit of Startak, Granny ordered him and the other second generation kids to rescue the suffering townspeople. After rescuing nearly all of them, they noticed that Yami was no longer with them. Kori ran off to find him while Gamu stayed behind with Lucy and Granny. Afterwords, everyone on the east exit of the now burning Startak made their way to Sellage. Upon arrival, Gamu, Granny, and Lucy waited at Granny's back up apartment for Yami and Kori to show.

Once Yami and Kori arrived, Granny had all of the third generation go upstairs. There, she explained that it was time for her to dismiss them leaving everyone in shock. Just then, a knock sounded to tell Granny that a package had arrived for her. After opening the package, it was revealed to have an assortment of weapons. Gamu received the aim enhancing lens from Granny as a parting gift. After saying their goodbyes and leaving the apartment, Gamu stated that he would take a boat from Sellage.

Attacks, Weapons, and Powers

Gamu has not been shown to use any.


  • Gamu's name is based off of the misspelling and misromanization of the word "gum."

Second Generation
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