Official art to be added soon
Birthday Fedruary 6
Age 21
Relatives unknown
Hometown unknown
Astrological Sign Aquarius

One of the main characters from the story.

Personality & Relationships


Official art to be added soon.


Attacks, Weapons, and Powers

Deamp is capable of neautralizing electric currents.

Electric Neutralization

Deamp's main form of defense as well as offense. If any form of electricity, no matter how it is inflicted, is to touch any part of Deamp's body, it is instantly absorbed. This ability was used to outwit Cyan he utilized an electrically charged whip that Deamp rendered ineffective.


After defeating Cyan, Deamp took his whip before going back to find Kori and Hera.


  • Deamp's name is the combination of the prefix "de" meaning stop or anti and the word "amp" used to refer to the amount of current in a system.